Enjoying grace 2

Last time we looked at overcoming our need for approval by bathing in God’s approval, having Christ’s righteousness. This time I want to tell you a story! Its about a superstar and a convict.

Madonis, her stage name, was a superstar. On her world tour she stopped off in London and went to the most expensive hotel she could find – shunning the paparazzi of course. She checked in and went to her room, it was the presidential suite – the only room left in the hotel. Good catch.

And so began a disastrous night. The bed wasn’t made up and she had to call the maid. It was probably the most uncomfortable bed she had ever slept on. The TV didn’t work, she couldn’t watch herself on the celeb channel. And all night long that tap just kept on dripping. In the morning she exploded at the guy at the front desk and refused to pay, suggesting she should be compensated for the nightmare they had put her through.

Two miles away in a courtroom, a jury had just came back with a verdict of guilty for Dave. He had broken into a series of factories and stolen thousands. Yeah, he needed the money, but more than that: he was addicted to the action. It dulled the pain of an uninteresting life. Head bowed, he knew he was banged to rights he felt the guilt and the shame as he glanced over at his family. It was sentencing time.

The judge said, “David Morrison, I find you guilty and sentence you to stay in a five star hotel where the bed wont be made for you, the TV wont work and the tap will drip.” Dave fainted.

Arriving in the hotel room he took off his shoes, jumped up and down on the bed singing at the top of his voice for joy, not believing his good fortune.

Here’s the rub. The superstar and Dave both had the same experience of the hotel room, one was miserable the other happy. The only difference is that one of them believed they deserved better and the other believed he deserved worse.

Enjoying grace comes from humility, knowing you don’t deserve anything but have been given everything in Christ.

Are you a superstar of an ex-con enjoying grace?

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