News from the Philippines mission

Hi all,

We had a great day at church yesterday.  A small church plant in Kat’s parents house with a big heart for God. It was so encouraging!

Today we purchased the music equipment for the church, did the printing and arranged the conference venue, along with purchasing and packing the goods that we are giving out in the community (pic attached).

The local police are apparently concerned about Muslim attacks on us and are patrolling our house.  God is so good, protecting us every step of the way!  Even Kats uncle who is a pastor was stopped and questioned about why he was coming to the house!

Please pray for tomorrow as we go into the community with practical love and with the gospel.  We want the power of God present to save people, including our Muslim neighbours.  We will be inviting people back to the house for food and a chance to hear the gospel again, preached on Wednesday and Thursday night.  Could easily be 40 or 50 people on each night, pray for Kat and her mum etc who will be cooking all the food!



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