Open Doors: The Great Big Tea Party


Date: Saturday 12th April 2014
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm
Venue: New Life Community Church

This is not a social event, a NLCC fundraising event or even an outreach event – it is about supporting our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ across the world, by praying for them and raising funds to help Open Doors support them. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate their faith and let them inspire ours. There will be a selection of drinks, cakes and snacks, along with activities for children and resources to inform and encourage prayer. Donations of cakes etc. are very welcome, but we would appreciate most of all people attending, praying and giving.

Some of us have recently been following the Open Doors campaign to ‘Live like a North Korean’, and have found it very humbling to see how dangerous it is to be a Christian in North Korea, yet how passionate and faithful those Christians are. For more information about the ‘Great Big Tea Party’ campaign, and the work of Open Doors, please visit:

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