Lets all calm down!

Hi folks,

Just a reminder from Sunday morning when we were looking at being quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.

I suggested that if you particularly struggle in this area a good idea is to keep a journal that you can write in when you over heat!  Something like this:


1. What was the trigger? For example, the kids spilt milk on the carpet.

2. How did I respond? For example, I shouted and slammed doors, and I felt really unappreciated.

3. What did I want? For example, my children to not make a mess and to appreciate the work I do keep the house clean.


At this point, we need to recognise that if we sin in response to not getting what we want its because we want it too much. We want it more than we want to love and obey God. It is therefore an idol.


4. Confess the sin to the Lord, and tell Him how you feel. Thank Him for the cross and that your not saved by your performance but by grace.

5. What does God say about this in the Bible? (find passages about it to retrain our responses. Also, are there promises that you can hold onto?)

6. Restitution: do you need to put things right, apologise etc.


The goal of this in the end is to have our hearts changed so that we love and value the Lord more than the things that we want that make us angry. It takes time, so we need to be patient!


Much love,


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