Ever met an angel?

Hi all,


Maturity for a Christian involves the two loves from the two greatest commandments, love God and love your neighbour. I have been reflecting on how do this and at the same time obey the great commission of reaching out with the gospel to our neighbours (anyone we come across).

Hebrews 13v2 tells us “Do not neglect to show hospitality”. I think this is something easy to neglect which is tragic as it enables us to show our love for God, in loving others and providing a natural environment to talk about our faith.

Why not set a day aside a week, or every two weeks, etc that you call hospitality night? You could invite a Christian friend over and a ‘neighbour’. Lets go out of our way to love people, even if we don’t yet know them!

The verse in Hebrews finishes by saying “for thereby some have entertained angels unawares”. Does that mean God sends angels along our path to see if we will be hospitable?

Look out for the angels!


Much love,


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